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Phone: Scoutmaster Selby's cell  -  405-205-3251
Location: 26.5 miles west of Enid, OK   and
  4.5 miles SSE of Cleo Springs, OK
Take I-35 north to Hwy 412 (Exit 193) to Enid.
About 17 miles west of Enid look for where four lanes of
Hwy 412 change to two lanes at the Hwy 58 intersection.
Continue driving on Hwy 412 for 9 more miles.  Look for a
High cell phone tower just off to the right of Hwy 412.
Turn left at the N2580 Road where there is a Scout Camp sign.
Go south to end of that road (3.5 miles) where pavement ends.
There you will see the entrance to Camp Williams.